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Residential Outdoor School Camps

Immerse your students in forest, stream, wetland, wildlife, and other field studies with highly qualified educators. Students can come for anywhere from two to four day residential camp programs (one to three nights). Hands-onkids at a yurt activities and inquiry-based outdoor science are offered. Lessons can be tailored to specific curriculum needs as well as age and previous experience of your students

Residential camps include studying forest and watershed ecology and other topics through fun activities with expert naturalists. Evening education programs including night hikes and astronomy studies, and campfire programs. The understanding of community deepens with activities such as team research, group challenges, campfire programs, and family style meals.

KOSS also offers its signature Outdoor Inquiry Camps for school groups. In these camps, student teams design and conduct their own scientific investigations. KOSS naturalists teach field research techniques and tools, provide guidance, and even come to your classroom for a post-camp follow-up session to help your students analyze and present their data.

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