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Glittering Gardens

Gardening is a great way to play and eat fresh, delicious fruits and veggies that YOU grow!  Plus, during different seasons you can grow different foods to share with friends and family!

    • Plant shrubs or a tree in your yard.

    • Start a fresh herb garden in pots in your kitchen. You could start this garden by first planting little seedlings in left over egg crates! Watch your plants sprout first in your kitchen (make sure your plants are near a window for sunlight!)

    • Ask your parents if it would be alright to create a small plot of vegetables in your front or backyard. Grow vegetables year round!
    • Share your green thumb with friends! Help their families with gardening!
    • Learn how to build your own compost to reduce household food waste! A compost is the decomposition, or break down, of plants and some animal parts into rich soil to use for your garden!

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